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We are based in Coimbatore & Chennai and a team at Kerala. We are into design & construction form the year 2014. We work on projects around Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Our highly skilled team are well equipped with latest technology modern concept in the construction industry.

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“When I’m working on a problem, I never think about its beauty, I just think about how to solve the problem, but when I finish it, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it’s wrong.”

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Structural Designs

When planning an extensive structure building, structural integrity plays an important role in that. Structural design is the rule of evaluating the different load needs of various shapes and planning a structure worth of resist against many disasters.

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RCC buildings have become the most popular trend in the Indian construction industry due to their durability, strength, minimal cost, and several other alluring features. A mixture of concrete and reinforcing bars acting as a monolithic element cast.

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Steel is one of the most essential things in the construction and it is also used as roofs and casing for exterior walls. The need for buildings and infrastructure continues to grow around the world, and reducing natural resource consumption and associated emissions

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Pre-Engineered Building

Pre-engineered buildings are constructed before manufacturing begins. Components are manufactured in a factory and shipped to the customer site for assembly. A PEB is in the form of a steel structure and the panels, frames, and various elements are arranged on-site using beams, bolts, and so on.This type of contemporary building This type of contemporary building

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Building Plan Approvals

The process of building plans and obtaining permission is an integral aspect of the post-allotment system.This process is regulated by development authorities who have established a specific set of rules and regulations for construction. However,due to the manual submission of building plan applications and drawings

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Architects are responsible for designing and planning projects, as well as the appearance of buildings and structures. Only registered individuals can be called architects. To become licensed, architects must meet training requirements and pass an exam. Non-licensed individuals can provide architectural services but cannot call themselves architects or sign

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