Topographic Survey

This particular type of survey locates and categorizes both the natural and man-made aspects of the land, providing an initial point of reference for all parties engaged with the construction process.

At Zhagaram, a topographical survey is required by engineers to assess the height of the surface of the property and if further or less surface needs to be carried in or removed in order to modify the property's grade. The survey might be beneficial to architects to plan their design in three dimensions for a building project. Before breaking ground, this plot might be submitted to decision-makers for their approval.

A topographic examination should be performed before construction begins if a building site is impeded by major topographical problems, such as a severe grade, existing man-made buildings, or other hazardous circumstances. This will ensure that the proposed design will function in these conditions. Topographical surveys are also used by government organizations for developing and implementing development and zoning limitations and assessing existing projects.

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