RCC buildings have become the most popular trend in the Indian construction industry due to their durability, strength, minimal cost, and several other alluring features.A mixture of concrete and reinforcing bars acting as a monolithic element cast in one piece is called reinforced concrete. Both concrete and steel are combined to form structural building blocks due to their complementary properties. Concrete is low stress and high compression whereas steel is low pressure and high stress. These alternative properties allow reinforced concrete to withstand both tensile and compressive stresses acting on the structure. Steel has a very high tensile strength, which helps structures to support tensile stresses.

The fusion of concrete and steel is very effective. Because when the concrete hardens, it sticks tightly to the steel bars and protects them from corrosion, and the hydration of the cement creates an alkaline medium. Their monolithic behavior is also due to their nearly identical coefficients of linear expansion. Moreover, the physical and mechanical properties of these two materials are insensitive to temperature fluctuations ranging from -40℃ to 60℃, making them usable in almost all climatic conditions.

At Zhagaram, we plan and evaluate an area of structural engineering that deals with the design and construction of reinforced concrete structures. The purpose of reinforced concrete planning is to create a safe, methodical, and economical structure. This is attained by fusing concrete and steel which takes betterment of the strength of every material. Our professionals are mainly concentrating on the material selection and structural analysis of the building. Load and resistance factor design (LRFD) is used to find the needed strength of steel and concrete. Being the best construction company, our engineers ensure that the structure will have capable strength and stiffness. We are detailing every specification through drawing for easy understanding to the clients.

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