Pre-Engineered Building

Pre-engineered buildings are constructed before manufacturing begins. Components are manufactured in a factory and shipped to the customer site for assembly. A PEB is in the form of a steel structure and the panels, frames, and various elements are arranged on-site using beams, bolts, and so on. This type of contemporary building is commonly used in the construction of firm buildings such as factory buildings, warehouses, airport depots, and factory structures. Traditional construction methods predominate, but pre-designed buildings are becoming more popular these days. The reason is that they are cheap and quick to build.

In this method, engineers can use the latest computer programs to design the most powerful shapes for architectural frames. Placing steel where it's needed and removing what isn't, increases economy without sacrificing design. Welded structures are usually welded on one side only. As the name suggests, these buildings were designed and engineered before manufacturing. Our team of engineers and technicians work closely together on an efficient design that can be further expanded as needed.

Some of the benefits of Pre Engineered buildings are, our professional quality control engineer is there to inspect the entire process. Before construction, it is easy to monitor and stick to excellent standards during the time of rapid construction. PEB is very cost-effective and has a sustainability component, and they are low maintenance and can resist extreme weather changes as well. Zhagaram is named for providing the best pre-engineered buildings with highly durable structures and let’s start your building designs with us!!!

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