Building Plan Approvals

The process of building plans and obtaining permission is an integral aspect of the post-allotment system.This process is regulated by development authorities who have established a specific set of rules and regulations for construction. However, due to the manual submission of building plan applications and drawings, as well as the manual approval process, there are longer processing times, errors and variations in evaluations, higher costs, and the need for more resources. Additionally, for both citizens and department officials, the manual process makes tracking the status of applications difficult and inconvenient.

Building Plan Approval System (BPAS) is a technological solution that streamlines the complex process of verifying development protocols. This automation tool lessens the burden of Architects and the Authority by reducing the amount of paperwork, time, and energy required for manual checks. Additionally, it expedites the approval process for building plan permissions, enforces a standard system for building fees and other charges, automates technical examinations, and improves the monitoring of file processing. By relying on a consistent interpretation of development control regulations, the system simplifies and reduces regulatory compliance costs. As a result, builders are incentivized to comply with regulations rather than cutting corners and compromising safety in the construction of buildings.

Being the best construction team, Zhagaram has Government approved Civil Engineers as well as Structural Engineers. Our professionals are dedicated and skilled in their work. We are here to handle all your Building plans and Land approvals in Municipality and Panchayat. Later, we take that to Corporation & CMDA and then we will get approval from LPA & DTCP. Our team members are here to navigate you to the flawless construction of your buildings and on-time delivery to the clients.

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