Steel is one of the most essential things in the construction and it is also used as roofs and casing for exterior walls.The need for buildings and infrastructure continues to grow around the world, and reducing natural resource consumption and associated emissions is critical to future survival. There are unlimited chances for using steel in buildings and infrastructure. Structural members provide a strong, rigid frame for the building and account for 25% of the building's steel consumption. Reinforcing bars add flexible strength and rigidity to concrete and steel consumption in buildings. Steel is used because it adheres well to concrete, it is strong, and is relatively affordable.

Reinforced concrete is also used for constructing foundations and basements. Sheet products such as roofing materials, purlins, interior walls, ceilings, paneling, and exterior insulation panels are used in buildings. Interior fittings like rails, shelves, and staircases are made up of steel. The main reason steel is the most important in building construction is because of its strong bond with concrete.

In Zhagaram, we are using Light gauge steel, Structural steel, Mild steel, and Rebar steel for the construction of structures. The advantage of mild steel is that it is very ductile, strong, and long-lasting. Structural steel can be formed into almost any shape, depending on the structure. Mild steel is used in construction due to its strength and it can be bent without breaking and is very flexible and soft. We give a professional plan team with promising quality and we are the best steel building consultants. We offer customized and cost-effective solutions for building structures.

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