To become licensed, architects must meet training requirements and pass an exam. Non-licensed individuals can provide architectural services but cannot call themselves architects or sign construction documents. Architects work with other professionals to deliver qualified designs. They have responsibilities throughout all stages of a project. Clients appoint architects to gather information and create functional spaces that meet their needs and comply with codes.

At Zhagaram, our architects collaborate closely with other experts like civil and HVAC engineers to produce high-quality designs. They are chosen by the client, and it is their responsibility to acquire all the knowledge and concepts required to design a place that is both practical and in compliance with building codes. Once a client contacts an architect, a meeting is scheduled to go over the demands and specifications of the project. A single person cannot, however, design a whole structure; instead, architects collaborate with civil and structural engineers to talk about technical concerns and the project's structural integrity.

Our team of skilled architects is not only involved in the planning stage of a structure. We listed their duties because they are important at every stage of a project. We will discuss projects, give comprehensive documentation and drawings, and cost estimation and construction phases are explained to the clients by our architects.

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